FAA Forecasts 450,000 US Commercial Drones by 2022 2018.03.20

It’s projected that the country’s commercial, small, non-model fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles is set to grow from 110,604 in 2017 to 451,800 in 2022.

Drone Registrations Are Still Soaring 2018.03.06

In 2017 alone almost 700 thousand drones were registered in the United States. This year Americans will spend tens of millions of dollars on safety systems related to drone traffic.

Terror from the skies: The drones are coming. Can we stop them? 2018.02.08

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), approximately 11 million drones will be sold in the United States by 2020.

APS wins Law Enforcement Counter-UAS Contract 2018.01.23

APS has won a major contract for the delivery of Ctrl+Sky to a law enforcement client in one of European Union (EU)/NATO country, outside Poland.

APS team at ACA’s 2018 Winter Conference in Orlando 2018.01.08

Ctrl+Sky was presented at American Correctional Association Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA