Frankfurt Flights Briefly Suspended Over Drone Sighting 2019.03.22

Flights to and from Frankfurt Airport were interrupted briefly on Friday after a drone was seen in the area.

Dublin Airport forced to suspend all flights due to drone sighting over airfield 2019.02.21

Dublin Airport was forced to suspend all flights due to what it described as a “confirmed sighting of a drone” over its airfield.

Greenpeace Drone Drops Smoke Bombs on French Nuclear Power Facility 2019.01.28

Greenpeace activists flew drones over the Orano La Hague plant and dropped smoke bombs onto the roof of a building containing irradiated fuel.

Heathrow airport: Drone sighting halts departures 2019.01.09

Departures at Heathrow were temporarily stopped after a drone was reported to have been sighted.