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Stadiums, Sports Facilities
Council of Gdynia
potential threats:
Intrusive drones on the premises
Customised Ctrl + Sky system equipped with a mast and radar, acoustic matrix, RF sensor and cameras.


Intrusive drones can easily become a terrorist threat. Weapons and explosives can be smuggled in and detonated remotely, mass panic can erupt among the public. Riots have even been started by the supply of banned flags or flyers to stadiums.


Stadium protection is provided by the Ctrl + Sky system station equipped with MIMO radars, an acoustic matrix, radio signal sensor, as well as two cameras: a PTZ and bullet. The system was integrated to the stadium data network and with the existing stadium security infrastructure, which has effectively improved its performance. The Ctrl + Sky detection system is coupled with a handheld Jammer that neutralises unauthorised drones in the protected area. Because of this, the stadium and the surrounding areas are protected.

applied tool

MIMO radar,
acoustic matrix,
RF sensor, cameras, Jammer

Customised Ctrl + Sky system with MIMO radar, acoustic matrix, RF sensor, cameras, Jammer.

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The stadium and surrounding areas are fully protected from intrusive drones. The event management at the stadium, which includes championship events such as the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, can go ahead without any problems or incidents from the perspective of drones.

tomasz cząstka

Manager of the City Stadium and Technical Department

”The Advanced Protection Systems system has successfully protected the international U21s from drones and effectively protects the area surrounding the stadium during other sporting events.”

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