case studykraft-box,

Industrial and production plants
Kraft-Box, a reputable manufacturer of packaging
potential threats:
Industrial espionage, illegal acquisition of sensitive information, such as supplier and customer lists as well as logistical and operational information.
A protection station consisting of low-range radars, acoustic matrix, cameras and radio sensor.


In the highly competitive packaging industry, customer and supplier data are particularly sensitive and require strict protection. Drones can get crucial information from the air, which is required for the company to operate, such as recording the cars of suppliers or buyers coming in and out or loading goods. In this case, standard protection on the premises is not enough – it is also necessary to protect the air space of the plant and the surrounding area.


A version of Ctrl + Sky was implemented with low-range radars which does not require a license. The system is equipped with a set of shutter cameras, acoustic matrix and RF sensor. To neutralise, a solution was implemented based on selective control of the transmission of radio signals between the drone and the operator. This is an effective way of neutralising a threat using non-jamming techniques (Jammers are not used).

applied tool

low-range radar,
acoustic matrix,
RF signal sensor, radio signal transmitter

Low-range radar, acoustic matrix, RF signal sensor, radio signal transmitter.

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The area is protected from surveillance and espionage attempts from the competition. Total protection of sensitive data, which is an important factor in obtaining new business. The database of current clients is effectively protected.

jolanta korzeniewska


”Ctrl + Sky effectively protects my business from spying drones. This minimises the risk of the competition capturing information about our clients.”

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