case studyprivate property,
dębniałki wielkie

Private property and surrounding premises
Private individual
potential threats:
Rising number of drones breaching privacy and security
Low-range radar and radio signal sensor


The number of drones invading private property has increased. To protect the privacy and safety of the inhabitants from surveillance and spying, traditional measures such as fencing and security guards are no longer sufficient. Potential threats are now coming from the sky. The customer wanted to experience total safety and freedom within their own property, hence the need for anti-drone protection.


A version of the Ctrl + Sky system has been scaled for private use. A customised solution created to meet the specific requirements for the situation is based on low-range radars and radio transmitter sensor. The system warns of air intruders and traps them immediately. The system is discrete, doesn’t stand out, nor does it interfere with the architectural enviornmen.

applied tool

low-range radar
radio signal sensor

Low-range radar and radio signal sensor were implemented quickly and seamlessly. The system is ready to use immediately and easy to operate and practically failure-free.

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Increased sense of security on the client’s premises. Protection against surveillance and possible intruders trespassing within the area for criminal purposes. Total control over private property.

marcin kozak


„The anti-drone protection system from Advanced Protection Systems ensures the privacy of my family and safeguards our privacy from drones.”

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