Gdynia security firm wins anti-drone attack contract with Saudi Telecom 2019.10.30

A Polish security firm has won the contract to protect the largest Saudi telecommunications operator from drone attacks.

In eight days Pakistan drones dropped AK-47 rifles, 80kg ammunition in Punjab 2019.09.26

Drones from across the border dropped AK-47 rifles, narcotics in Punjab. With ISI help, Pakistan-based Khalistani terror groups was planning a 26/11-type attack.

FAA Restricts Drone Operations over Additional Military Facilities 2019.07.08

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced new airspace restrictions effective July 11, 2019 on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) attempting to fly over national security sensitive locations.

Second assault on Saudi Abha airport in two days 2019.06.14

Yemen’s rebel Houthi movement has launched drones at a Saudi airport, the second such attack in two days.

European Commission Adopts Drone Operations Rules 2019.05.31

On 24 May 2019, the European Commission adopted EU rules to ensure increasing drone traffic across Europe is safe and secure for people on the ground and in the air.

British Airways flight comes within 20ft of drone collision near Heathrow 2019.05.29

Pilots had no time to take evasive action during the incident, which was rated a high risk of collision.

Saudi Arabia oil installations hit in drone attacks. 2019.05.15

Two of Saudi Arabia oil pumping stations were hit by drone attacks on Tuesday.

Flights diverted after Gatwick Airport drone sighting 2019.04.30

Three flights have been diverted after a possible drone sighting at Gatwick Airport.

Frankfurt Flights Briefly Suspended Over Drone Sighting 2019.03.22

Flights to and from Frankfurt Airport were interrupted briefly on Friday after a drone was seen in the area.

Dublin Airport forced to suspend all flights due to drone sighting over airfield 2019.02.21

Dublin Airport was forced to suspend all flights due to what it described as a “confirmed sighting of a drone” over its airfield.

Greenpeace Drone Drops Smoke Bombs on French Nuclear Power Facility 2019.01.28

Greenpeace activists flew drones over the Orano La Hague plant and dropped smoke bombs onto the roof of a building containing irradiated fuel.

Advanced Protection Systems installs counter-UAS system at Stavanger Airport 2019.01.26

Advanced Protection Systems from Poland in partnership with its distributor Anker Sikkerhet AS has finished first phase of Ctrl+Sky system installation at the SOLA airport in Stavanger, Norway.

The counter-drone conundrum 2019.01.16

As more UAVs take to the skies, experts say the ability of law enforcement and security to mitigate the risks they pose is hampered.

Heathrow airport: Drone sighting halts departures 2019.01.09

Departures at Heathrow were temporarily stopped after a drone was reported to have been sighted.