about us

Advanced Protection Systems is a technology company that has developed and commercialised a unique system for identifying and neutralising drones: Ctrl+Sky. The system is based entirely on the original patented solutions developed by APS team – outstanding scientists and engineers. The company has headquarters in Poland and the United States, however, the network of distributors includes 19 countries around the world.

Advanced Protection Systems with Ctrl+Sky, is one of the key players in the global drone detection and identification market, according to the Markets and Markets ranking.

the challenge

Over the last few years, there have been regular media reports regarding troublesome and even dangerous incidents involving drones which are able to spy, steal confidential information and violate our privacy. In 2016 alone there were as many as 1,200 incidents involving drones within the European Union that came dangerously close to commercial planes.

By 2025, more than 400 thousand professional drones will fly in the European Union’s airspace.

This is the reason why the demand for anti-drone systems is growing rapidly. However, their market availability is still relatively small. It is possible to purchase extremely expensive, dedicated, military-grade solutions or simpler yet not always effective systems aimed at commercial market.

The challenge for Advanced Protection Systems is to provide a product that can ensure the highest standard of security at a price-point that is accessible for commercial and private clients alike.

the market

The demand for drone detection and neutralisation systems is growing rapidly.

Current value of the drone detection and neutralisation market in the billions USD


The growth rate of CAGR was 64.64% during the forecast period.

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competitive advantages

Ctrl+Sky has many competitive advantages. From a fully reconfigurable system, to a unique set of sensors, finishing with an excellent price to quality ratio. The combination of practical and scientific approaches as well as the focus on maximising efficiency makes Ctrl+Sky a global game changer in its category.

Ctrl+Sky is the only drone detection system in the world featuring:

  • A modular and fully reconfigurable radar sensor
  • MIMO radar technology for improved performance
  • Radar tracking based on MHT (multi hypothesis tracking) algorithm
  • An acoustic sensor with direction-finding capability


It is estimated that the potential target market for drone detection and neutralisation systems is about 300,000 entities and that number is growing rapidly from year to year.

The area of ​​application is very wide:

Protection of private property

Protection of government buildings

Airport protection

Protecting prisons

Protection of public events

Stadium protection

Protection of strategic infrastructure

U-space monitoring

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business model

The business model is based on the development of the distribution network through industry intermediaries as well as direct sales in Poland and the United States. In the coming weeks we will be opening office in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Almost all of  the components included in the system are produced “in-house.

current business activities

APS is already active across international markets, performing product demonstrations for high-profile clients, and expanding its distribution network. The company will open up another two international offices in the near future.

The company has also a very active R&D activity and is excited at the prospect of launching new and improved product lines in the coming 12 months. These activities will give APS a competitive edge and expand its IP portfolio.

leaders and founders

What makes APS a unique company is the fact that its founders and management have scientific knowledge gained at prestigious universities in Poland and abroad, and have combined it with business acumen. A mix of such competences secures a place among the global leaders in the anti-drone industry.
Our team is made up of keen enthusiasts: engineers, electronics, mathematicians.

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