drone detection and neutralization system

Ctrl+Sky is a multi-sensor counter-drone system that is able to detect, track and neutralize intrusive drones. It is exceptionally effective from software to hardware because it is based on proprietary, patented technology and multi-sensor approach.

how it works?

Thanks to its multi-sensor approach, Ctrl+Sky enables efficient detection, identification and neutralization of drones, day and night, in all weather conditions. Ctrl+Sky offers a scalable system approach to ensure a complete “dome” of protection from unwanted drone invasion.

system operation


The combination of proprietary 3D radar, acoustic array, vision cameras and RF sensor allows Ctrl+Sky to minimize false alarms and detect even small drones at distances up to 3000 meters and neutralize them using two schemes.

3D radar sensor provides a true target position in three dimensions (range, azimuth and elevation). It operates as FMCW in X-band and uses AESA and MIMO technology to accurately locate drones. Ctrl+Sky operates on advanced algorithms for processing radar signals as well as tracking and classifying detected objects. The system can distinguish drones from other flying objects such as birds and simultaneously detect and track multiple drones, including swarms of drones.

The acoustic sensor is based on a microphone array – spatially spaced sound sensors – which allow for the formation and sweep of a directional acoustic beam, thus localizing sound sources in space. In addition, extremely advanced self-learning classification algorithms identify drones and memorize them so that the system grows with functionality.


Video cameras register recordings of detected drones, so it is possible to present hard evidence of an intruder in a protected area. Also, cameras are of PTZ type and are zoomed on a drone by radar tracker. 30x optical zoom enables observation of objects located at a distance of 700 meters. Thanks to the convolutional neural networks, the camera is able to distinguish drone from birds.

The RF sensor (radio signal) identifies the radio communication between the drone and the operator. The sensor also allows the system to neutralize most popular drones by forcing a return to the operator or simply back to the starting point. Moreover, white listing is enabled to allow friendly drones to the scene.


In the system set of Ctrl+Sky there is also a proprietary multi-band jammer used to neutralize drones by jamming their communication link and navigation. Multi-band operation covers all used radio control bands of the drones as well as GPS/Glonass/Galileo/Beidou navigation. Jammer is using omni-directional or sectorial or directive antennas, according to client’s needs.

All detection sensors and neutralization schemes are smoothly integrated in a friendly web-based Ctrl+Sky CyView software. It is a dedicated, web-based application for monitoring, configuration and control the system, working in real-time mode. It is possible to integrate Ctrl+Sky CyView with other / external systems using an open API.

elements of the system

3D radar sensor

Reconfigurable radar sensor with AESA and MIMO technology

Angular coverage in azimuth from 90 up to 360 degrees

Angular coverage in elevation 45 degrees

Precise positioning of drones (distance, height, direction)

Detection range up to 3 km (for micro-class drones sized DJI Phantom IV)

RF sensor

Scanning of all Wi-Fi bands

Early warning and identification based on detecting a radio-link between a drone and the operator

Neutralization by capturing radio signal transmission

Frequency Band Coverage: 2.4GHz, 5.8 GHz or other optional bands on customer demand

acoustic sensor

Based on 8-element microphone array

Detection and classification of acoustic signals up to 200m

Direction-finding of incoming drones using a digital beamforming technique

vision sensor

PTZ or bullet cameras, optical zoom up to 30x

Rotation of 360 degrees in azimuth, 135 degrees in elevation (from the ground)

Detection of drones by using MHT radar tracker


Fully integrated with the detection systems

Activated manually or automatically upon detection inside the protected zone

Full coverage of the drone detection range 

Equipped with directional, sectorial or omnidirectional antennas, depending on the operational requirements


Secure access from a PC, laptop or a mobile device

Definition of protected area and configuration of sensors inside the application

Real-time event preview and tracking many targets simultaneously

Open API for integration