• Umbrella protection without blind spots
  • Maintenance-free operation in all conditions
  • Cooperation with existing security systems


We develop key military technologies together with the armed forces of the most powerful countries in the world.

  • Integration with modern air defence systems
  • Advanced software giving full control
  • Open API enabling any system configuration

Air taxis

We design technologies for the safe, effective and mass participation of flying objects in air traffic.

  • Detection and monitoring of many flying objects simultaneously
  • Real-time identification of air cargo devices
  • AI-driven control of air corridors traffic


We protect airports against incidents involving drones and birds.

  • Detection of drones and birds in the airport area
  • Prevention from accidental collisions and deliberate attacks by drones
  • Self-improvement of the system thanks to deep learning algorithms

Government buildings

We protect the buildings of government institutions against intrusive flying objects.

  • Remote neutralization of drone threats
  • Efficiency in all weather conditions
  • Permanent protection of strategic objects

Wind farms

We protect the airspace of wind farms against accidents caused by birds or drones.

  • Detection of approaching birds and drones
  • Warning about the dangers of collisions
  • Monitoring of the vast land and sea terrains

Public events

We protect public events such as concerts, festivals, marathons, demonstrations and parades.

  • Entirely mobile version of the system
  • Umbrella protection of the largest spaces
  • Immediate neutralization of drone threats


We guard the airspace of stadiums that may be the target of attacks by terrorists or provocateurs.

  • Targeting even the smallest flying objects
  • Immediate neutralization of any type of drone
  • Full protection of the gathered audience


We block the smuggling of weapons, drugs and messages by drones.

  • Extended airspace control of penal institutions
  • Immediate alarm in the event of a breach of prison grounds
  • Reports of detection and neutralization of flying objects


We care about privacy by protecting against drones equipped with cameras or wiretaps.

  • 24/7 monitoring of the selected area
  • Alerting about the intrusive drone detection
  • Video recording of all detected incidents

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