drone detection and neutralization system

Ctrl+Sky is a multi-sensor military-grade system that allows you to effectively control a secured area on several levels. Unlike other solutions, it provides a “dome” of protection without any blind zones. This enables the detection of intrusive drones in virtually every case. Ctrl+Sky is based on patented, proprietary solutions, and can be configured to meet specific costumer requirements. The system is offered in two functional variants. The stationary variant is intended to be a fixed, permanent installation to protect a defined area. The mobile variant can be easily and quickly moved, depending on the operational need of the client. Regardless of the variant, Ctrl+Sky always optimises for the best possible performance, taking into account the specificity of the target application.


ctrl+sky stationary

Ctrl+Sky Stationary is designed to permanently protect an area


ctrl+sky portable

Ctrl+Sky Portable was designed with easily operation and quick deployment in mind  


ctrl+sky mobile

mobile version ensures protection of mass events, borders and other airspace


ctrl+sky jammer

It allows direct neutralization of intrusive drones by intercepting and forcing them to land immediately