Ctrl+Sky CyView is a dedicated, web-based application for monitoring, configuration and controlling the system.  It is based on a program running on the server, therefore the access to the service is possible from any device equipped with a web browser, from a PC, laptop or mobile devices.

software CyView


  • Real-time event preview on OpenStreetMap, Google Maps or maps provided by the customer
  • Multi-user access on several levels of authority
  • Secure communication between devices
  • Logging in and reporting the status of the entire system
  • Access from any device equipped with a web browser and Internet connection
  • Secure connection with Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Distributed processing, data fusion from many sensors


early warning

RF sensor detects a radio-link before a drone takes off by picking up radio signatures (immediately after the drone is turned on). The drone position is visualized on the map. Valuable information about the drone (the manufacturer, model, type and some of its signal characteristics) is displayed on the basis of the drone classification technology

secure access

The access level is defined for each user and each request sent to the server requires authorization. Key information is transmitted in real time to all users through priority communication channels, thus maintaining Unified Communications on all devices connected to the service

multi sensors – one screen

The data from all sensors are presented – on one screen – in user-friendly graphical way. The main screen includes: map, radio frequency spectrum chart, microphone array visualization, camera view, sensor state view and data on devices working on the WIFI protocol. System configuration is semi-automatic; sensors work autonomously under the control of the system administrator

archiving incidents

The camera is automatically steered on the area if a drone is detected by the radar tracker. Elevation and zoom are calculated dynamically, based on radar data. The camera tracks the drone and identifies it in real time. Thanks to the convolutional neural networks, the system is able to distinguish drone from the bird. Video is recorded and archived for post-incident analysis


After drone detection in the protected area, a sound and visual alarm is on; the system sends SMS and email notifications. Ctrl+Sky can operate as standalone or integrated within existing security systems by using simple interface


Where legally allowed, Ctrl+Sky uses an integrated jammer – which overpowers drone’s receivers – and the RF hacking system as well. The resulting product provides a complete detect-defeat solution. Depending on the level of user privileges, the application allows changing the operating mode by switching between automatic and manual mode


security |
real-time work |
data cosistency |

  • Monitoring of detection from sensors and camera view – on one screen
  • Monitoring the status of all sensors
  • Control of the jamming operation mode
  • SMS and e-mail notifications; system alerts (visual and sound)
  • User management and permission levels
  • Defining protected zones and configuration of sensors inside the application
  • Dynamic system positioning based on GPS (in the mobile version)
  • Open API for integration

video and files to download: