Airports and surrounding areas are particularly vulnerable to intrusions of drones. Australian senator Barry O’Sullivan, former air crash investigator, said that drones in the vicinity of planes are a  “catastrophe is waiting to happen”. Without ability to detect and gain control over drones, security of airports will be compromised, and delayed flights, air traffic paralysis or in the worst cases plane crashes will become a grim reality.

benefits for airport protection segment

  • A single Ctrl+Sky unit is able to cover a radius up to 1000 meters allowing you to secure strategic airport areas
  • Ctrl+Sky allows you to distinguish drones from other objects
  • The system uses deep learning algorithms to improve its functionality and reliability 
  • Ctrl+Sky works 24/7 regardless of weather conditions

Drones pose many threats to air traffic: from the immediate threat of airplane collisions, through interference in communications with control tower, and the physical threat to the aircraft as well as workers and passengers.

Ctrl+Sky provides effective and complete protection in tracking and neutralizing drones,day or night, in all weather conditions, ensuring the safety of airports and surrounding areas.

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the immediate threat of airplane collisions, interference in communications with control tower, the physical threat to the aircraft, workers and passengers

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Examples of dangerous incidents involving drones

Second assault on Saudi Abha airport in two days

Yemen’s rebel Houthi movement has launched drones at a Saudi airport, the second such attack in two days.

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British Airways flight comes within 20ft of drone collision near Heathrow

Pilots had no time to take evasive action during the incident, which was rated a high risk of collision.

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Flights diverted after Gatwick Airport drone sighting

Three flights have been diverted after a possible drone sighting at Gatwick Airport.

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Frankfurt Flights Briefly Suspended Over Drone Sighting

Flights to and from Frankfurt Airport were interrupted briefly on Friday after a drone was seen in the area.

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Dublin Airport forced to suspend all flights due to drone sighting over airfield

Dublin Airport was forced to suspend all flights due to what it described as a “confirmed sighting of a drone” over its airfield.

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Drone Sightings Cause Chaos at Gatwick Airport

Tens of thousands of passengers at one of the UK’s busiest airports are experiencing flight disruption after drones were seen over the airfield.

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Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Damaged in Possible Midair Drone Hit

Aircraft landed without incident in Tijuana after hit to nose. Crew members heard a ‘pretty loud bang’ shortly before landing

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Drone missed landing plane by 15m

A drone flying more than 20 times the allowed height came within 15m (50ft) of a Boeing 737 approaching a runway at Stansted Airport in Essex.

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An Airbus 320 carrying 230 passengers came within 10ft of hitting a drone after taking off at Luton Airport

The commercial jetliner was flying around 7,000 feet when the incident occurred after taking off from Luton Airport in the UK.

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Coast Guard Helicopter in Near Miss in Washington State

A US. Coast Guard helicopter came within 50 feet of colliding with a drone over Port Angeles, Washington.

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