government and military

Drones have become increasingly affordable and accessible. Their mobility and difficulty of detection allow them to enter areas previously deemed safe and well-protected such as government buildings and federal institutions. The hostile use of drones can jeopardise areas particularly sensitive to spying, hacking, carrying a physical threat to employees, stealing of sensitive data and causing many other undesirable events.

benefits for government buildings and military

  • Permanent protection of strategic government facilities
  • Ability to integrate with existing security systems
  • Effective day and night operation, in all weather conditions
  • Several mitigation techniques (both jamming and non-jamming)

Ctrl+Sky is an exceptionally advanced system with proven efficiency in detecting drone intrusions. Authorised federal agencies are able to deploy neutralization technologies  developed by APS to counter the intruder. This gives a sense of security to government institutions and all strategically important areas and facilities.

Ctrl+Sky can be successfully deployed as a stand-alone, fully-functional system for
protecting strategic government facilities from drones. It can also be integrated with already existing security systems for enhanced protection. Ctrl+Sky complements the existing systems with new, unique features, such as a “dome” of protection from aerial threats.