private property / VIPs

In this days and age, privacy is becoming more difficult to attain. We have become accustomed to ever-present cameras in public spaces and are perpetually under some type of surveillance. Private homes and premises were, until recently, under total control of their owners and who enjoyed relative security and freedom from intruders. Unfortunately, the misuse of drones has created a threat on private property. Drones equipped with cameras or eavesdropping capabilities are a danger to our privacy and security.

benefits for private property protection segment

  • 24/7 monitoring of private areas
  • Immediate alarm upon drone capture
  • Ability to record video interventions, which becomes evidence of privacy violation
  • Ensuring a sense of safety and security for residents

Thanks to the “umbrella protection zone”, Ctrl+Sky is practically undetectable and goes unnoticed by unmanned flying objects. Each time an intruder is caught by Ctrl+Sky, it will be possible to take appropriate action to neutralise it. The multi-sensorconstruction ensures absolute protection and restores security and control on private premises. This way, everyone can feel safe “in their own home” without having to employ additional security services.

case studies

private property

Rising number of drones breaching privacy and security

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hotel rejs

Protecting the hotel from surveillance by drones. Ensuring the privacy and intimacy of hotel guests.

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