public events

Mass public events such as concerts, demonstrations, marathons and parades are occasions that require special protection and security. Wherever we deal with large groups which have assembled for a specific purpose, hostile use of drones can cause enormous risks. In the worst case, drones can contribute to causing numerous deaths through the dispatch of hazardous materials. It is important to realise that standard security for public events, in the form of regular military units, police or security firms, is not enough. An attack from the sky is as likely today as any other previously known danger.

benefits for public events protection segment

  • The mobile version of Ctrl+Sky allows you to effectively protect any event, irrespective of the location
  • The system allows you to prevent the intrusion of a drone immediately
  • In specific cases where required by law, competent authorities may use Jammers to neutralise the threat.

Ctrl+Sky protects areas hosting mass public events by providing 360 degrees of protection and an instant response to intrusive drones. This enables it to neutralise and eliminate dangers.

public events

Examples of dangerous incidents involving drones

Venezuela drone attack

Two drones packed with explosives reportedly flew toward Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday night in what the government has described as a failed assassination attempt.

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