stadiums and arenas

Stadiums, which can hold tens of thousands of people, are a potential target of hostile drones. The gathering of many people in a relatively small area makes stadiums easy targets for terrorists. Using a drone is especially tempting taking into account the reinforced security at the traditional entrance gates. Recently, at an interstate game, an intrusive drone contributed to provoking riots among the dedicated fans by transporting a flag from one side to the other. It’s easy to imagine how tragic the effects of using a drone as a weapon could be, causing hundreds if not thousands of casualties and triggering uncontrollable panic among spectators. 

benefits for stadium protection segment

  • Ctrl+Sky’s “dome” of protection without blind zones secures the entire airspace above ​​the stadium
  • The system is effective in all weather conditions, at any time, day or night
  • Ctrl+Sky works effectively even against small-size drones, ensuring complete security

Ctrl+Sky protects the airspace in and around the stadiums and arenas, protecting people attending and working the event. The ability to instantly neutralize a flying intruder through authorised services effectively minimises the threat and gives a sense of security to both event organisers and the public.

case studies

gdynia stadium

Intrusive drones on the premises

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Examples of dangerous incidents involving drones

Counter UAV system SafeSky protected UEFA EURO U21 football stadium during championship matches

SafeSky was deployed to protect championship matches of the UEFA EURO U21 in Gdynia, Poland, 16-30.06.2017.

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