What makes Ctrl+Sky so unique is the fact that our team is made up of leading specialists, top engineers, scientists and mathematicians,  in their fields. Our company is rooted in engineering and we focus on practical application.

As we build our team, we focus on specific employees skills and potential for innovation.  Diversification and interdisciplinarity are important to us in order to be able to constantly seek a competitive advantage in every field we are active in.


What makes APS a unique company is the fact that its founders and management have scientific knowledge gained at prestigious universities in Poland and abroad, and combine it with sound business practices. A mix of such competences ensures APS a place among the global leaders in the anti-drone industry.

maciej klemm

maciej klemmceo & co-founder

Maciej is a Lecturer and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Electronics at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He has a Masters in Microwave Engineering and Optical Communication from the Gdańsk University of Technology. He obtained his doctorate from the Elektorniki Laboratory at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland.

At APS, he is responsible for the coordination of the engineering team as well as developing and creating new products.

Senior Lecturer (American Associate Professor) at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Bristol.

In 2003 he joined the Electronics Laboratory of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where after three years he obtained a doctorate in electronic science.

In 2006 he joined the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

In 2007 he won the Best British Research Engineer competition.

In 2015, Maciej decided to use his unique expertise in practice, co-founding Advanced Protection Systems.

radoslaw piesiewicz

radoslaw piesiewiczcoo & co-founder

Radoslaw has over 10 years experience in acquiring and managing scientific projects on an international scale. A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Communication and Computer Science at the Gdańsk University of Technology. He has a PhD in telecommunications at the University of Technology in Braunschweig (Germany)

Operational processes, business development and sales are his primary responsibilities.

With the development of his career, he became head of broadband and wireless networks at Create-Net in Italy.

In 2009 he moved to Wrocław, where he managed large innovation projects, moving to the position of Director of the Center for Research and Development of ICT in Wroclaw’s EIT + Center.

In 2015 he co-founded the Advanced Protection System, where he successfully combines scientific, specialised knowledge with business experience gained in managing innovative projects.

michał spychalski

michał spychalskichairman of the supervisory board

Experienced practicioner in the management of complex investment and development projects. As a business angel and visionary, he is constantly looking for innovation and competitive advantages.

At APS, he oversees research projects financed by European funding programmes and supports activities in the field of Business Development. He graduated from SGH Warsaw School of Economics and College of Europe as well.

He has an experience in managing companies and complex investment and development projects. He is also a business angel.

In 2015, Michal he took a position of Vice President of the Management Board at Advanced Protection Systems. Previously, for over 5 years he was the Vice President of the Management Board of Renco Investments Sp. z o.o. and supervised projects in the field of renewable energy.

He acts as a Board Member in the Jagiellonian Institute.


Every member of the Advanced Protection System team is exceptional. Not only due to their outstanding skills and experience, but also to their unprecedented passion and dedication. Thanks to this attitude we are positive that the solutions we create are as perfect as possible.

monika langowska

monika langowskamarketing manager

Monika has experience in conducting marketing activities and the implementation of multi-channel promotional campaigns.

michał widlok

michał widloklead systems engineer

Michał designs digital and analogue electronic circuits and integrated elements for microwave radars. He is also experienced in the area of high powered electronic systems.

piotr kamiński

piotr kamińskilead hardware engineer

Piotr designs electronic radio systems, predominantly radar sensors. He has written for a number of publications, including international scientific journals.

paweł recław

paweł recławlead software engineer

Pawel is a programmer proficient in many languages (including C, C ++, Java, C #). He has worked on the development of distributed applications, created networks and administered IT equipment and systems.

andrzej paprota

andrzej paprotalead signal processing engineer

Andrzej spends his time programming real-time radar systems. He deals with object tracking algorithms in three-dimensional space.

radosław rak

radosław raklead mechanical and system integration engineer

Radoslaw specialises in the overall design of electromechanical systems, from power supply and control to measurement systems, through design and optimising production.

wayne horvath

wayne horvathus market business development

Wayne is responsible for co-creating the operational strategy on the American market, developing and maintaining business relations with key clients as well as promoting the brand and sales development in the USA.