drone detection and neutralization system

Ctrl+Sky has many competitive advantages which makes it the most advanced product on the market, from the complete multi-sensor configuration of the system, the price-to-performance ratio, to the patented, unique sensors. Combining scientific approach with practical application and focusing on maximizing efficiency makes Ctrl+Sky a global market leader.

why Ctrl+Sky?

The world’s only drone detection system featuring:

  • A modular and fully configurable radar sensor
  • MIMO radar technology for improved derformance
  • Radar tracking based on MHT (Multi Hypothesis Tracking) algorithm
  • RF sensor with white listing capability
  • An acoustic sensor with direction-finding capability
  • Fully integrated and automated proprietary jammer for drone neutralization
  • A dedicated web-based application for  monitoring, configuration and controlling the system


3D radar sensor

Detects all commercial drones

Tracks multiple objects simultaneously

Works in all weather conditions

Provides a true target position in three dimensions (range, azimuth and elevation)

Available in different ranges (from 300m to 3km)

acoustic sensor

No direct line-of-sight required for proper operation

Localizes the sound source in 3D space

Classifies objects (drone vs no-drone)

Detection range up to 200m

Detects effectively, both day and night

rf sensor

Freely available

Early warning of nearby drones

Operates robustly also in urban environment

Captures drone’s and operator’s radio transmission

White listing capability

vision sensor

Visual confirmation of detected drones

Rotates 360 degrees in azimuth

Slew To Cue (radar-camera auto tracking)

Distinguishes drones from other objects 

30x optical zoom enabling observation of objects at a distance of 700m

FullHD image


Simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface

Secure access from a PC, laptop or mobile devices

Real-time event preview on maps

SMS and e-mail notifications; system alerts (visual and sound)

Archiving incidents data


Unmatched system performance with multi-sensor approach:

  • Operation in all weather conditions, both day and night
  • The best value for money in the market
  • Purchase or leasing options for customers 
  • Detection of autonomous drones (with RF communication disabled)
  • Precise localization and speed of drones

functionality rf sensor sensor acoustic Ctrl+Sky multi-sensor
all-weather operation    
detects drones with no RF signature  
non-line of sight detection
value for money    
reliable operation in urban environments    
enhanced performance with sensor data fusion    
Detection of wide range of threats