about us

Advanced Protection Systems is an innovative technology company focused on preventing the threat posed by UAV. Our Multi-Sensor approach implements a solution that provides maximum efficiency and complete protection against intrusive drones.

Everyday drones can compromise security and privacy as well as present a hostile threat. Drones can threaten the security and safety of people, property and sensitive information at airports, prisons, power plants, government facilities, industrial sites and public events.

APS has developed and commercialized a unique system for detecting and neutralizing drones: Ctrl+Sky.

The developed military-grade system is based entirely on proprietary solutions resulting from expert knowledge and experience of a team of specialists: scientists and engineers who transformed their passion for learning into practically applied innovation. Giving  APS solutions a competitive edge.

Advanced Protection Systems along with Ctrl+Sky, according to the Markets and Markets report, is now one of the key players in the global drone detection and identification market.
The numerous awards and two patent applications are a testament to the innovation of Ctrl+Sky making APS the leader in Drone Detection capabilities.

our mission

The mission of Advanced Protection Systems is to provide innovative, advanced technologies used so far only by niche user groups to quench the eternal desire that human beings have to improve their quality of life, and to control it in the areas of its right to freedom, security and privacy.


Our offices in Poland and the United States are constantly working on the most efficient and effective security screening solutions. Regardless of location, we always work with specialists in the area to ensure excellent  results. At the same time, we are constantly expanding our distribution network, enabling potential customers to access our system from virtually anywhere in the world seamlessly.

The number of potential customers is now estimated at approximately 300,000, and the market value of Ctrl + Sky is growing dynamically from year to year. In the United States alone, its value in 2022 is estimated to reach nearly $16 bilion. The drone detection market is targeted at airports, prisions, power plants and ultilities, governemnet and critical infrastruture facilites, border crossings, publice events  as well as VIP’s who value privacy.

Importantly, the number of potential customers will continue to increase as drones get more popular and with that an increase of threats that are caus Unmanned Aerial Systems. For possible applications of the system Ctrl+Sky you can find out more here.