Who we are looking for


hard-working talents with a desire to develop
truly high-tech solutions…

We protect
each other

… who will help us protect the airspace around the world. Does this resonate with you? Great.

We need you.

Our high-end electronic products are the result of knowledge, experience and continuous development. The people who create them – our team of scientists, engineers, ex-servicemen and service and support professionals – are passionate about their work. We deliver the best quality services – from manufacturing our products to after-sales assistance.

We have a great atmosphere. If you ask anyone at our office in Gdynia, or people working remotely from Krakow or Bristol, they will surely tell you all about it. We aren’t much of overtalkers though. Bear in mind that more than 90% of our work is classified. You might hear us sharing amazing stories but we always remain cautious.

So what does APS actually do? Can we spill the beans?

Yes! We’re proud to announce that Advanced Protection Systems is now becoming a key market player in the perimeter security industry. Based on in-house R&D, APS develops and commercialises 2 lines of advanced electronic products: SKYctrl modular anti-drone system and FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars family. Our solutions are designed to protect human lives, military assets, and critical infrastructure in strategic locations.

That’s the core of our business.

We’re like one of those Silicon Valley huge success stories you’ve heard about. Starting in a garage at the very beginning, we currently own our production department delivering world-class products and services that beat the competition in face-to-face tests.

APS keeps growing and our mission is to protect human lives and the airspace.

That’s why we need self-directed and resourceful talents.

What’s in it for you?

APS is in the sweet phase. It is still a friendly growing company that can already offer big corporate benefits.

We’ll do
our best
to give you:

  • Work that you can be passionate about.
  • Possibilities for creating advanced products.
  • Extreme ownership in your field of responsibility.
  • Freedom in creating your work environment.
  • Impact on the path of product development.
  • Partnership with guaranteed company growth.
  • Opportunity to join the team at a pioneering stage.
  • Travel to the near and the most exotic parts of the world.
  • Workplace in headquarters in one of the best places in Poland – Tri-City.
  • Daily dive into English.
  • And all the classic benefits down below.

referral program for employees

support with your personalized career path

language courses

internal/external training

success celebration at smaller and larger employee integrations

fresh fruit on Mondays and Wednesdays, and other snacks

flexible hours

hybrid or remote work

private healthcare (Medicover) and Multisport card

subsidized studies

high-tech work equipment

chill zone – 85” TV, PS5 console, foosball, and ping-pong

As you can see, we don’t hesitate to support our employees.

What do we want in exchange?

We empower individuals but we expect them to be charismatic, resourceful, experienced, and really motivated. Nothing less, only more.

We believe in Extreme Ownership values. Did you happen to read it? No? No worries. Once you join us, we will give you a copy. Meanwhile, check if our values correspond:

  • Extreme Ownership – Make decisions. Take complete responsibility for all your results.
  • Beware of ego – Admit failures. Choose the best decision, even if you personally disagree.
  • Planning is a must – Make simple plans and communicate them clearly.
  • Keep things simple – Avoid redundant complications.
  • Set high standards – Adhere to them consistently.
  • Discipline equals freedom – Keep your word. The more you practice, the more you know what you’re doing.
    Eventually, you’re free to improvise.
  • Communicate clearly – Don’t keep doubts to yourself. Make sure everyone understands your message.
    Explain not only “what” but also “why”.
  • Lead up and down the chain of command – Everyone in the team has a voice.
  • Take the initiative: Prioritize – Propose – Discuss.

Not afraid of responsibility? Great! It’s a match!

One last thing…

Let’s make it clear: we protect, we don’t attack. We are in the defence industry.

Look outside your window – drones became ubiquitous. They have proved useful for various commercial and military purposes. Generally, these are practical applications, however in the wrong hands, drones can put property or life in danger.

There’s no way back – we’ve decided to adapt and mitigate risks.

Come and join us.
Join the good side of the Force.

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What does our recruitment process look like?

Talents piplines:


– direct & active search on social media


– specific position or spontaneous application

Recruitment process

Phone screen / phone interview

15 – 30 min.

Business / technical case

– optional* – task based on daily activities which should be solved in 5 working days

Remote or On-site interview

60 – 90 min

Evaluation & Feedback

Offer letter

Hired & Onboarding journey

* Depending on the position, stages may slightly differ.

What do our teammates say about APS?

Ewelina Bartuzi

Senior AI Computer Vision Engineer

I work as a Senior AI Computer Vision Engineer. The best thing about working at APS is the multitude of interesting projects of practical use. They require good work organisation, responsibility, independence, creativity, and flexibility as well as the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team. Currently, I am responsible for developing methods of image analysis and computer vision. The main aim is to detect flying objects, classify, and track them on camera footage. I like my job because it allows me to pursue my interests in image processing. My teammates are very cool, passionate and professional. I have a strong sense of mission knowing my work serves others.

Dawid Mościcki

Hard Kill Developer

As an engineer in the R&D team at Advanced Protection Systems, I am involved in the development of drone [capturing] technology. I joined the emerging team 5 months ago and we have done so much already. I am passionate about robotics and open-source software. What makes Advanced Protection Systems stand out from other companies is the freedom for engineers to choose their technology and well-thought-out project funding. The atmosphere in the company is excellent and the people I work with are passionate and committed. They truly believe in what they do. Advanced Protection Systems has an extremely promising future and I am proud to be a part of it.

Natalia Słomińska

HR Business Partner

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is being involved in key projects that have a real impact on the company. I really appreciate this great opportunity to grow. Each day brings new challenges and allows me to gain new experiences. I feel I am a part of a whole and my job matters. What do I like most about APS? The fact that I am surrounded by hungry for knowledge and incredibly talented people. Together we create a friendly space where we are constantly learning and growing while working on a great product.

Jan Piotrowski

Director of Defence Programs

As a Director of Defence Programs, I am responsible for the implementation of military projects. To me, a team and good organisation of work are essential. We are working together for shared goals and success, which is why I treat every employee and the tasks they perform with respect. I try to use my knowledge and experience to complement and support each member of the task force in achieving a desired goal. I firmly believe that a group of people, properly coordinated and wisely managed, is able to meet any challenge. This is exactly what APS is: a company employing professionals and enthusiasts for whom there are no limits.

Check out our current vacancies now:



Sincerely Yours,
Advanced Protection Systems

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We protect you

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